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Welcome to Gabelstapler Graf!

Our core activities are the sale of new and used forklifts.
But we also offer you services around the topic of forklifts.
Our company is located in Pfeffenhausen, southern Germany. From here we can Forklifts on and deliver outstanding throughout Europe.
Before our Gebrauchtstaplerwelt leave our house, they are tested by our trained personnel and repaired.

Just arrived

Linde-L16-High Lift stacker

Linde | L16

High Lift stacker
Com-Nr.: 200864
YOM: 2013
Capacity: 1600 kg

Linde-H35D-Diesel Forklift

Linde | H35D

Diesel Forklift
Com-Nr.: 200918
YOM: 2015
Capacity: 3500 kg

Linde-H25D-Diesel Forklift

Linde | H25D

Diesel Forklift
Com-Nr.: 200900
YOM: 2013
Capacity: 2500 kg

Linde-H 80D/900-Diesel Forklift

Linde | H 80D/900

Diesel Forklift
Com-Nr.: 200733
YOM: 2013
Capacity: 8000 kg